"El amor, por definición, es un regalo no merecido" - Milan Kundera

La Biblioteca "Obligada" de Negocios

Estos son los libros que están leyendo los empresarios del mundo. Algo así como la Biblioteca Obligada de los negocios.

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  • Camp, Jim - Start With No
  • Carlson, Richard, Ph.D.
    Don’t Sweat The Small Stuff
    Dont Sweat the Small Stuff at Work
  • Carter-Scott, Cherie
    If Life is a Game, These are the Rules
  • Chandler, Steve
    100 Ways to Motivate Others
  • Charan, Ram
    What The CEO Wants You To Know
    Profitable Growth Is Everyone’s Business
    The Leadership Pipeline
  • Chopra, Deepak, M.D.
    The Seven Spiritual Laws Of Success
  • Chowdhury, Subir
    The Power Of Six Sigma
  • Christensen, John
  • Clampitt, Phillip G.
    Embracing Uncertainty
  • Clarke, Boyd
    The Leaders Voice
  • Clason, George S.
    The Richest Man In Babylon
  • Coffey, Elizabeth
    10 Things That Keep CEOs Awake
  • Coffman, Curt
    First, Break All The Rules
    Follow This Path
  • Colan, Lee J.
    7 Moments That Define Excellent Leaders
  • Cole, Benjamin Mark
    The Pied Pipers Of Wall Street
  • Collins, Jim
    Good To Great
    Built to Last
  • Conley, Chip
    The Rebel Rules
  • Conner, Daryl R.
    Managing At The Speed Of Change
  • Connors, Roger
    The Oz Principle
  • Covey, Stephen R.
    Principle-Centered Leadership
    The 8th Habit
    First Things First
  • Covey, Stephen R. and Blaine Lee
    The Power Principle
  • Cox, Jeff
    Selling The Wheel
  • Crossland, Ron
    The Leaders Voice
  • Crowley, Katherine
    Working With You is Killing Me


  • D’Alessandro, David F.
    Career Warfare
  • Davenport, Liz
    Order From Chaos
  • Davis, Jeff
    Lesson from the Edge
  • Davis, Vicky Therese
    The Baron Son
  • Dawson, Roger
    The Weekend Millionaire's Secret
  • Day, Laura
    Intuition For Success
  • De Bono, Edward
    Six Thinking Hats
  • DeKoch, Robert J.
    Embracing Uncertainty
  • Ditzler, Jinny S.
    Your Best Year Yet
  • Donovan, Gabrielle O’
    The Corporate Culture Handbook
  • Dornan, Jim
    Becoming a Person of Influence
  • Dreman, David N.
    Contrarian Investment Strategies
  • Drotter, Stephen
    The Leadership Pipeline
  • Duncan, Todd
    High Trust Selling
  • Dundon, Elaine
    Seeds of Innovation


  • Economy, Peter
    Lesson from the Edge
  • Ehrenreich, Barbara
    Nickel And Dimed
  • Elster, Kathi
    Working With You is Killing Me
  • Ennico, Cliff
    Small Business Survival Guide
  • Epstein, Edward Jay
    The Big Picture
  • Essinger, James
    Inside Outsourcing
  • Evenson, Karen
    Redefining FEAR


  • Farber, Steve
    The Radical Leap
  • Farrel, Paul B.
    The Lazy Person's Guide To Investing
  • Farrell, Winslow
    How Hits Happen
  • Farson, Richard
    Management Of The Absurd
  • Ferrazzi, Keith, with Tahl Raz
    Never Eat Alone
  • Flynn, Dennis C.
    Brand Clout
  • Fox, Jeffrey J.
    How To Become A Rainmaker
    How To Make Big Money In Your Own Small Business
  • Fradette, Michael
    The Power Of Corporate Kinetics
  • Frankel, Lois P. , Ph.D
    Nice Girls Don’t Get The Corner Office 101
  • Freese, Thomas A.
    Secrets of Question Based Selling
  • Freiberg, Kevin and Freiberg, Jackie
  • Friedman, Thomas L.
    The Lexus And The Olive Tree


  • Galford, Robert
    The Trusted Advisor
  • Gandy, Dottie Bruce
    30 Days To A Happy Employee
  • Gatbaum, Victor
    Negotiating In The Real World
  • Gay, Charles L.
    Inside Outsourcing
  • Gelb, Michael
    How To Think Like Leonardo da Vinci
  • Gerber, Michael E.
    The Emyth Revisited
  • Gerstner, Louis V. Jr.
    Who Says Elephants Can't Dance
  • Gill, Lucy
    How To Work With Just About Anyone
  • Gioja, Linda
    Surfing The Edge of Chaos
  • Girard, Joe
    How To Close Every Sale
  • Gladwell, Malcolm
    The Tipping Point
  • Godin, Seth
    All Marketers are Liars
    Survival Is Not Enough
    Purple Cow
  • Goleman, Daniel
    Working With Emotional Intelligence
  • Gonzalez-Molina, Gabriel , Ph.D. / Gopal, Ashok
    Follow This Path
  • Goodman, Dr. Gary S.
    Please Don’t Shoot The Messenger
  • Gray, John, Ph.D.
    Mars and Venus in the Workplace
  • Green, Charles
    The Trusted Advisor
  • Greene, Robert
    33 Strategies of War
    The 48 Laws Of Power
  • Gullickson, Betsy Raskin
    On the High Wire
  • Gundling, Ernest
    Working Globesmart
  • Gunn, Robert W.
    On the High Wire


  • Hacker, Andrew
  • Hammer, Michae
    The Agenda
  • Hansen, Mark Victor
    The One Minute Millionaire
  • Harman, Sidney
    Mind Your Own Business
  • Harper, Pamela S.
    Preventing Strategic Gridlock
  • Harpst, Gary
    Six Disciplines for Excellence
  • Harrow, Susan
    Sell Yourself Without Selling Your Soul
  • Hart, Rupert
    Effective Networking for Professional Success
  • Hastings, Wayne
    Trust Me
  • Hateley, BJ Gallagher
    What Would Buddha Do At Work
  • Heiman, Stephen E.
    The New Strategic Selling
  • Hemphill, Barbara
    Taming the Paper Tiger at Work
  • Hickman, Craig
    The Oz Principle
  • Hill, Napoleon
    Think and Grow Rich
  • Hindery, Leo, Jr.
    The Biggest Game of All
  • Hoover, Gary
    Hoover's Vision
  • Humby, Clive
    Scoring Points
  • Hunt, Terry
    Scoring Points
  • Hunter, James C.
    The Servant


  • Jaques, Elliot
    Requisite Organization
  • Jay, Ros
    Build A Great Team
    The Seven Deadly Skills Of Communicating
  • Jenson, Dr. Ron Spencer
    Make A Life
    Who Moved My Cheese?
  • Johnsson, Hans V.A.
    The Baseline Revolution
  • Jorion, Paul
    Investing In A Post Enron World


  • Kaplan, Steve
    Bag The Elephant
  • Kawasaki, Guy
    Selling the Dream
    The Art of the Start
  • Kelley, Robert E.
    How to Be a Star at Work
  • Kerr, Vindel L.
    Effective Corporate Governance
  • Kihlstedt, Per Erik
    The Baseline Revolution
  • Kiyosaki, Robert T.
    Rich Dad Cash Quad
    Rich Dad Poor Dad
    Rich Dad's Guide To Investing
    Rich Kid Smart Kid
    Why We Want You To Be Rich
  • Klein, Naomi
    No Logo
  • Kouzes, James M.
    Encouraging the Heart
  • Kriegel, Robert
    Sacred Cows Make the Best Burgers


  • Lambert, Charles
    Your Inner Edge
  • Laur, Joe
    Learning for Sustainability
  • Leamy, Elisabeth
    The Savvy Consumer
  • Lebow, Rob
  • Lee, Blaine
    The Power Principle
  • Leeds, Robert X.
    How to Almost Make a Million Dollars
  • Leoncioni, Patrick
    The Five Temptations of a CEO
  • Levine, Mark
    Fire Your Boss
  • Liker, Jeffrey K.
    The Toyota Way
  • Lindenfield, Gael
    Self Motivation
  • Long & Silverman 
    Start Late Finish Rich
  • Lorenzo, David V.
    Career Intensity
  • Ludwig, George
    Wise Moves
  • Ludy, Perry J.
    Profit Building
  • Lundin, Stephen C., Ph.D.
  • Lynchm, Peter
    Beating The Street


  • Magretta, Joan
    What Management Is
  • Maister, David
    Practice What You Preach
    The Trusted Advisor
  • Marigold, Lys -
  • Martin, Steve W.
    Heavy Hitter Sales Wisdom
  • Matthews, Jana
    Lesson from the Edge
  • Maxwell John C.
    The 21 Indispensable Qualities Of a Leader
    The 21 Most Powerful Minutes In A Leaders Day
    Failing Forward
    The 17 Indisputable Laws Of Teamwork
    Your Road Map For Success
    17 Essential Qualities Of A Team Player
    Developing the Leader Within You
    The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership
    Becoming a Person of Influence
  • McKenna, Patrick J.
    First Among Equals
  • McNair, Frank
    Its Ok to Ask Em to Work
  • Meister, David H.
    First Among Equals
  • Merrill, Roger / Merrill, Rebecca R.
    First Things First
  • Metcalf, Franz
    What Would Buddha Do At Work
  • Meyer, Peter
    Creating And Dominating New Markets
  • Michaud, Steve
    The Power Of Corporate Kinetics
  • Millemann, Mark
    Surfing The Edge of Chaos
  • Miller, Anne
    Metaphorically Selling
  • Miller, Scott
    Building Brandwidth
  • Moltz, Barry J.
    You Need to Be a Little Crazy
  • Montoya, Peter
    The Brand Called You
  • Morgenstern, Julie
    Making Work Work
  • Murphy, Emmett C. / Murphy, Mark A.
    Leading On The Edge Of Chaos
  • Murray, Will
    Brand Storm
  • Myers, Rochelle
    Creativity In Business


  • Nalebuff, Barry
  • Nichelsen, Brian J. Ph.D.
    Taming Technology
  • Noel, James
    The Leadership Pipeline


  • O’Brien, Timothy L.
  • O’Neil, William J
    24 Essential Lessons for Investment Success
  • O'Shaughnessey, James
    What Works In Wall Street
  • Otazo, Dr. Karen
    The Truth About Managing Your Career
    The Truth About Being a Leader


  • Packer, Tina
    Power Plays
  • Pascale, Richard T.
    Surfing The Edge of Chaos
  • Patterson, William R. / Patton, D. Marques
    The Baron Son
  • Paul, Harry
  • Peeling, Nic Dr
    Principles Of Management
  • Pelletier, Ray
    Permission To Win
  • Pepitone, James S.
    Motivating Employees
  • Perkin, John
    Confessions of An Economic Hit Man
  • Pollan, Stephen M.
    Fire Your Boss
  • Popcorn, Faith
  • Port, Michael
    Book Yourself Solid
  • Posner, Barry Z.
    Encouraging the Heart
  • Post, Peggy
    The Etiquette Advantage in Business
  • Potter, Ron
    Trust Me
  • Poundstone, William
    How Would You Move Mount Fuji?
  • Prestowitz, Clyde
    Three Billion New Capitalists
  • Pujals, Jerry
    Secrets to Real Estate Success


  • Quinn, Robert E.
    Building The Bridge As You Walk On It


  • Ray, Michael
    Creativity In Business
  • Raz, Tahl
    Never Eat Alone
  • Reale, Richard C.
    Making Change Stick
  • Reilly, Tom
    How To Sell And Manage In Tough Times
    Value-Added Selling
  • Richardson, Scott
    100 Ways to Motivate Others
  • Ries, Al
  • Ries, Laura
    The 22 Immutable Laws Of Branding
  • Robinson, Alan G.
    Ideas are Free
  • Robinson, Dana
    Zap The Gaps
  • Robinson, Jim
    Zap The Gaps
  • Rose, Colin
    Accelerated Learning
  • Rothman, Johanna
    Hiring The Best Knowledge Workers
  • Rovell, Darren
    First in Thirst
  • Rutigliano, Tony
    Discover Your Sales Strengths
  • Rylatt, Alastair
    Winning The Knowledge Game


  • Sanchez, Diane
    The New Strategic Selling
  • Sanborn, Mark
    You Don’t Need a Title to be a Leader
  • Schley, Sara
    Learning for Sustainability
  • Schroeder, Dean M.
    Ideas are Free
  • Schultz, Howard
    Pour Your Heart Into It
  • Senge, Peter
    Learning for Sustainability
  • Seybold, Patricia B.
    The Customer Revolution
  • Shell, G. Richard
    Bargaining For Advantage
  • Shiller, Robert J.
    Irrational Exuberance
  • Shook, Robert L.
    How To Close Every Sale
  • Silver, Susan
    Organized to Be Your Best
  • Silverman, George
    The Secrets Of Word-Of-Mouth Marketing
  • Simon, William L.
    Profit From Experience
  • Sims, Jack
    Brand To The Bone
  • Smart, Bradford D.
  • Smith, Benson
    Discover Your Sales Strengths
  • Smith, Brian
    Learning for Sustainability
  • Smith, Tom
    The Oz Principle
  • Spitzer, Randy
  • Stanny, Barbara
    Secrets of Six-Figure Women
  • Stevens, Mark
    Your Marketing Sucks
  • Stevens, Howard
    Selling The Wheel
  • Summey, Mike
    The Weekend Millionaire's Secret
  • Sutton, Gary
    Corporate Canaries


  • Thornton, Paul B.
    Be the Leader
  • Thorpe, Scott
    Revolutionary Strategies of Our Founding Fathers
  • Tozawam, Bunji
    The Idea Generator
  • Tracy, Brian
    The 100 Absolutely Unbreakable Laws Of Business Success
    Accelerated Learning
    Many Miles To Go
    Turbo Strategy
    Crunch Point
  • Treacy, Michael
    Double-digit Growth
  • Trompenaars, Fons
    Riding the Waves of Culture
  • Trout, Jack
  • Trump, Donald J.
    Why We Want You To Be Rich
  • Turner, Charles Hampden
    Riding the Waves of Culture


  • Vasconcellos e Sa, Jorge A.
    The Neglected Firm
    Strategy Moves


  • Walters, Lilly
    Secrets Of Successful Speakers
  • Wallace, Jerry L.
  • Weiss, Laurie
    What is the Emperor Wearing
  • Weissman,Jerry
    Presenting to Win
    In the Line of Fire
  • Welch, Jack
  • White, Kate
    Why Good Girls Dont Get Ahead
  • Whitmore, Jacqueline
    Business Class
  • Whitney, John O.
    Power Plays
  • Wilson, Paul
    Calm At Work
  • Wiig, Karl
    People - Focused Knowledge Management


  • Yang, Dori Jones
    Pour Your Heart Into It


  • Zyman, Sergio
    The End Of Marketing As We Know It
    Building Brandwidth