150+ eBooks para el emprendedor inquieto


Encuentre aquí una lista de libros electrónicos que cambiarán su forma de pensar acerca de los negocios y de su vida laboral.

Seguramente le despertarán nuevas ideas para inventarse un nuevo negocio o para reactivar el que ya tiene.

La mayoría son manifiestos de ideas revolucionarias que se convirtieron en best-sellers. (Inglés)

150+ Libros electrónicos para el emprendedor inquieto





The Bootstrapper’s Bible


Seth Godin

Available to you once again! There’s never been a better time to start a business with no money. This manifesto will show you how. leer más…

The Word on Word of Mouth


Dave Balter

There’s a reason the subservient chicken didn’t increase Chicken nugget sales, why the Segway (a.k.a “IT”, a.k.a. “Ginger”) hasn’t changed the world despite drool-worthy P.R.. leer más…

This I Believe! – Tom’s 60 TIBs


Tom Peters

Tom Peters is back with more Big Ideas for your job, your company, and your life. The marketing and strategy guru holds forth on why audacity matters, why women are the future of leadership… leer más…

The Art of the Start


Guy Kawasaki

A former Apple Fellow and entrepreneur extraordinaire, Guy talks about up-starting a start-up. A sneak preview from his book, “The Art of the Start.” leer más…

100 Ways to Kill a Concept: Why Most Ideas Get Shot Down


Michael Iva

So, you’ve got an idea. A big idea. But will your idea take flight? Not if you let your concept be killed by all the usual excuses you hear from your managers, your bosses, your spouses—excuses mot. leer más…

25 Ways to Distinguish Yourself


Rajesh Setty

According to Setty, “being part of the commodity crowd erodes your value.” You need to rise above the crowd by following Setty’s 25 ways. leer más…

100 Ways to Help You Succeed/Make Money, Part 1


Tom Peters

Tom’s back! In this first installment, you’ll find 50 short, wonderfully sweet nuggets of advice that you will love, love, love. leer más…

How to Manage Smart People


Scott Berkun

After spending nine years at Microsoft managing some of the smartest people in the world, Scott has a few tips to share on the art of managing the best. leer más…

The Customer Evangelist Manifesto


Ben McConnell and Jackie Huba

Get customers who worship the ground you advertise on. “A customer evangelist not only purchases from you regularly, she feels compelled to tell others.” leer más…

A Positive Attitude


Dan Auito

We can all use a little sunshine. Dan’s caught a few rays and made them into a manifesto you can take with you wherever you go. He hopes it makes you smile. leer más…

The Long Tail


Chris Anderson

Editor-in-Chief of Wired, Chris Anderson says that the future belongs to those that serve the millions of untapped niche markets as well as they serve the masses. leer más…

Beginner’s Guide to Business Blogging


Debbie Weil

An updated version of this popular manifesto by business blog expert, Debbie Weil. leer más…

The Personal MBA: Mastering Business Without Spending a Fortune


Josh Kaufman

Interested in learning advanced business concepts, but don’t have the time or money for a traditional MBA program? Business schools don’t have a monopoly on worldly wisdom. leer más…

To Inform or To Persuade?


Dean Brenner

Brenner believes there is a critical flaw in how we communicate. We naturally divide our communications in two approaches: to inform or to persuade. leer más…

Guerrilla Marketing


Jay Conrad Levinson

The Guerrilla Marketing Guru, Jay Conrad Levinson, serves up 93 (yes, 93) examples of unusual, quirky, and downright effective ways you can catch people’s attention. leer más…

Friends, Lies and Network Marketing


Kim Klaver

An expert in Multi-Level Marketing, Kim Klaver delivers a manifesto defying the bad advice most of these companies offer to their sales force. leer más…

The Low-Information Diet: How to Eliminate E-Mail Overload and Triple Productivity in 24 Hours


Timothy Ferriss

It’s Monday morning and your To-Do list for the day is lengthy. You turn on your computer, log into your inbox, and…spend the next six hours starting, stopping and backtracking, your To-Do list… leer más…

Why Your Boss is Programmed to be a Dictator


Chetan Dhruve

Did you vote your boss into the corner office? If not, perhaps your boss is a dictator. Chetan Dhruve explains why bosses become dictators. leer más…

Elegant Solutions: Breakthrough Thinking the Toyota Way


Matthew E. May

One million ideas a year. A culture of innovation. An intrinsic belief that good enough never is. Matthew May’s manifesto shows you how Toyota’s principles and practices will help you… leer más…

The Talent Myth


Malcolm Gladwell

When Malcolm Gladwell wrote “The Tipping Point”, he had a sensation on his hands. Called “one of those rare books that changes the way you think about, well, everything”… leer más…

Management Advice: Which 90% is Crap?


Bob Sutton

The way business advice is sold today makes it difficult to cull the good from the bad. With refreshing candidness, Bob Sutton shows how to divine diamonds from dust with these guidelines. leer más…

Guru Red Manifesto


Mike Smock

Mike’s rules may just spark a business revolution. Keep secrets! Don’t tout your achievements! Stay under the radar. Don’t take money from strangers. Be ruthless! leer más…

What is Open Source Marketing?


James Cherkoff

You’ve probably heard the term and wondered what marketing has to do with Linux. Turns out, everything. Read James’ manifesto to find out where marketers go next. leer más…

True Team Building: More than a Recreational Retreat


Kevin Eikenberry

Does the phrase “team building” bring to mind interminable meetings briefly punctuated by stale, free sandwiches and awkward get-to-know-you games? leer más…

The Hughtrain


Hugh MacLeod

You’ve read the Cluetrain, now Hugh Macleod brings you The Hughtrain. A manifesto on brands, blogs, and the now of advertising and marketing. leer más…

Accountability: Effective Managers Go First


David Maister

How far are you willing to go to facilitate change in your organization? Management expert, David Maister, says you’ve got to be willing to go first. And he means all the way… leer más…

Slacker @ Work


Brendon Connelly

Slackers are opportunists. They’re very good at seeking out and doing what they enjoy. Problem is the current culture tends to view slackers as do-nothing layabouts. leer más…

Pushing Past the Dip: How to Become the Best in the World


Seth Godin

The long, tough slog through mediocre-ville. To be the best, Seth Godin explains, you must concentrate your effort, push a little harder, commit a few more resources… leer más…

The Corporate Weblog Manifesto


Robert Scoble

Before you post to the company blog again, read this manifesto. To blog guru Robert Scoble, business bloggers should have a few things in common. leer más…

111 Ridiculously Obvious Thoughts on Selling


Tom Peters

This masterly list of not-always-obvious tips reminds us that every relationship is a sales relationship. Tom Peters’ thoughts on selling will sharpen your innate sales sense. leer más…

Cherry Bombs: A Supplemental Kit to “Radical Careering”


Sally Hogshead

Stuck in a career rut? No way out? Lob a cherry bomb! “Cherry bombs are quick but explosive ideas that startle a situation out of paralysis. leer más…

Digital Rights Management


Cory Doctorow

“DRM punishes honest people!” … “Without DRM, people will steal and artists won’t get paid!” … Usage of Digital Rights Management (DRM) has been hotly debated. leer más…

Strategy and the Fat Smoker


David Maister

David Maister offers advice on how to fight strategic flab and make change happen by encouraging a diet of good habits and short-term goals. leer más…

6 Design Lessons From the Apple Store


Jesse James Garrett

Say what you will about Apple computer, its products have drawn the kind of attention and spawned the kind of loyal (some might say rabid) customer base that other companies would kill for. leer más…

The Care and Feeding of Your Network


Bob Allard

If everyone is networking, who’s working for you? Allard and Banfield will show you how to “get 100, 200, 500 people thinking about how they can help YOU with your project, your passion. leer más…

The Happy at Work Manifesto


Alexander Kjerulf

Much of what happens to us in life is beyond our control, but Kjerulf tells us that being happy at work is a choice. His message is simple, yet inspiring. leer más…

4G Web Strategy


Dave Wilson and David Coe

“‘Traditional’ website structure just doesn’t work any more.” Websites need to enable visitors to browse with ease and leave them wanting more. leer más…



Tom Peters

Tom Peters, uber business guru, lays down 20 hard truths about outsourcing. Whether you like it or not, out-sourcing is here to stay. Ignore Tom’s words at your peril. leer más…



Bruce Kasanoff

Your customers don’t want more, they want LESS! Kasanoff uses examples to point out the mind-twistingly frustrating customer experiences that have become commonplace in today’s corporations. leer más…

The Creative Generalist


Steve Hardy

People today are raised to be niche thinkers. We’re all specialists in particular subject matters. We need to return to thinking more broadly to generate big ideas. leer más…

Does ANYONE know how to Market? (and will anyone care?)


Chris Houchens

Go to your bookshelf. Find all the marketing business books you can. Throw them out. Rinse. Repeat. Chris Houchens isn’t kidding. leer más…

Presentation Revolution: Changing the Way the World Does Presentations


Scott Schwertly

Today we live in a business culture that abuses the art and science of public speaking. We power up our PCs and present dull presentations to audiences who want to be inspired but never do. leer más…

Critical Thinking for Managers: A Manifesto


Crystal King

Crystal King provides a how-to-think critically guide. With many choices in today’s world, managers need to be critical thinkers and encourage their employees to be the same. leer más…

Strategy Letter 1: Ben and Jerry’s vs. Amazon


Joel Spolsky

Starting a new company? Joel Spolsky, founder of Fog Creek Software and creator of “Joel on Software,” says there’s one important decision that you absolutely must make before you begin. leer más…

Thinking Through Problem Solving


Valarie A. Washington

Problems lurk everywhere: under that stack of papers on your desk, in the unreturned phone call, within the carelessly worded email zipped off before its writer begins a long afternoon commute. leer más…

The Upside of Assholes: Is there Virtue in Bad Workplace Behavior?


Bob Sutton

Bob Sutton employs his signature frankness to discuss whether the bad behavior of workplace bullies and jerks should be tolerated in the name of success. leer más…

Mind of the Innovator: Taming the Traps of Traditional Thinking


Matthew E. May

Matthew May, author of “Elegant Solutions: Breakthrough Thinking the Toyota Way”, now brings our attention to the ‘Seven Sins of Solutions’. leer más…

Success and Motivation: from Joe Schmo to The Benefactor


Mark Cuban

Self-made billionaires don’t come around too often. Self-made billionaires who still enjoy watching basketball and having a beer with friends are even rarer. leer más…

Change the World of Not-for-Profits


Tom Suddes

This energizing manifesto tackles the increasing dissonance between the archaic goals of typical Not-for-Profits and the realities of business. Suddes challenges you to think differently. leer más…

A Manifesto for Mavericks


William Taylor and Polly LaBarre

Bill Taylor, co-founder of Fast Company, and Polly LaBarre present this brazen manifesto that describes the changing state of business leadership. leer más…

What Must Starbucks Do?


John Moore

In response to Howard Schulz’s memo citing his concern over the direction Starbucks is headed, John Moore, a former long-time marketer at Starbucks, enlists the ‘Starbucks Board of Customers’ priorities. leer más…

Tribal Knowledge: Business Wisdom Brewed from the Grounds of Starbucks Corporate Culture


John Moore

Sharing insider information, John Moore gives us a peek into the corporate culture that informs the unparalleled success of the Starbucks brand. leer más…

Talking Strategy: Three Straightforward Ways to Make Your Strategy Stick


Chip Heath and Dan Heath

The Heath Bros. walk the walk in this manifesto about three straightforward ways to make your strategy work. They preach the power of concrete language and stories to communicate your strategy effectively. leer más…

Never the Same: How to Create Transformational Experiences


Charles Halton

What does it take to change the world? To change people? To make a difference, every day? Charles Halton presents 18 characteristics to help you create transformational experiences. leer más…

Making the Most of Your Time: Going Beyond To-Do Lists


Rajesh Setty

The author of one of ChangeThis’ most popular manifesto, 25 Ways to Distinguish Yourself, Rajesh Setty returns with a new set of suggestions for optimizing your abilities. leer más…

It’s a Big, Blog World Out There: Five Quick Tips to Building a Better Blog


Meryl K. Evans

Evans details how to make your company’s blog better and why it is an essential way to reach your customers. leer más…

The Paradox of Choice


Barry Schwartz

According to Barry, choice is a good thing. Until there’s too much of it, that is. By overloading us with options, in education, sex, religion, or clothing, more choices make us less satisfied. leer más…

Made in USA


Paul Graham

Americans make the best software and films, and the Japanese the best cars and consumer electronics. There’s a reason for this, and it goes far deeper than cultural differences. leer más…

The Youth of Today



Everyone is always wondering what kids are thinking. DK gives you view into the complicated and sometimes contradictory world of today’s teens. leer más…

10 Guidelines for Effective Brainstorming


Randah Taher

Brainstorming is a powerful tool, if used correctly, but just like any power tool, you must read the manual, follow instructions and use the thing correctly…or you’re wasting time. leer más…

The Bioteaming Manifesto


Ken Thompson and Robin Good

Today’s virtual teams have yet to realize their full potential. They could learn a lot from Mother Nature’s teams. Ken Thompson and Robin Good explain what teams can gain from Mother Nature’s tips. leer más…

The Enlightened Salesperson: Selling From the Inside Out


Nikola Grubisa, Boris Vene

The Enlightened Salesperson introduces the concept of “Selling From the Inside Out”, touches “The Laws of the Universe” and gives you a model you can use to power a successful sales organization. leer más…

Tomato TomA[h]to


Tom Peters

Tom Peters shares many conventional business wisdoms and tells you why they are all wrong. leer más…

Why Smart People Defend Bad Ideas


Scott Berkun

The problem with smart people is that they like to be right and sometimes will defend ideas to the death rather than admit they’re wrong. leer más…

Web 2.0: Strategies and Lessons for Business Leaders


Troy Angrignon

This inclusive manifesto will introduce you to the principles and concepts of Web 2.0, so you can prepare your organization for this technological sea change. leer más…

Growing Great New Managers


Erika Andersen

We’ve all seen it: a successful employee promoted to manager is given no training and essentially pushed into the deep end and told to swim? leer más…

How to Become a Customer Action Hero in 10 Steps


Jeanne Bliss

“Rate your experience from 1 to 10.” “Would you recommend our company?” We ask the questions of our customers. But what do we do with their answers? Jeanne Bliss gives us the action plan. leer más…

When You Absolutely, Positively Should NOT Use Email: A Civilized List


David Shipley and Will Schwalbe

For those of us email addicts who can’t quit cold turkey but are increasing stressed by the size of our inbox each morning, Shipley and Schwalbe offer advice for managing our input and output. leer más…

Dear Bosses


Josh Kamler and Axel Albin

Albin and Kamler create some of the freshest material found on the Internet. This letter to bosses says what we can’t all say: we leave our jobs because you, dear boss, have not lived up to our standards. leer más…

Now What?


Ziv Navoth

Can’t predict the future? Neither can we. Thankfully, many of the trends that will affect our future practices are already here. Check them out in Ziv’s manifesto. leer más…

You are Being Lied To and Other Truths


Larry Winget

This is a manifesto’s manifesto and an absolute reader must-read. Here, Larry Winget is everything you know him to be: upfront, relentless, hilarious, and full of wisdom. leer más…

The Silent Revolution: Peter Drucker’s Voice Still Resonates


Elizabeth Haas Edersheim

A revolution in business has arrived, one built of human assets such as knowledge, information and collaborative exchanges, absent the noisy clamor of factories or the hum of machinery. leer más…

Fixing Venture Capital


Joel Spolsky

Software developer and popular blogger Joel Spolsky shares a few venture capital truisms that every founder would do well to hear. leer más…

Managing With Aloha


Rosa Say

In Managing With Aloha, Rosa Say discusses how the use traditional Hawaiian values can change your business and how you view the relationship with your employees and customers. leer más…

The CEO of the 21st Century


Mark Goulston

Judgement. Integrity. Character. Courage. These are the four things every CEO needs to be successful today, according to Mark Goulston. Read his manifesto on leadership to find out why. leer más…

Is Unlimited Inheritance Un-American?


Jim Grote

According to Warren Buffet, Bill Gates Sr., Andrew Carnegie, Thomas Paine, and Theodore and Franklin Roosevelt, unlimited dynastic wealth is at odds with the spirit of the Founding Fathers. leer más…

The Rewritten Rules of Management


Tom Ehrenfeld

In this hard-charging manifesto, Tom Ehrenfeld directs our attention to Bill Swanson’s act of plagiarism and asserts that by letting Swanson get by with a slap on the wrist is… leer más…

Reclaim Your Life: A Two-Week Challenge to Help You Regain Time


Stuart R. Levine

January 1st comes around and we’ve all made a resolution or two. By February 1st, we’ve failed more than we’ve succeeded and are back on last year’s track. Stuart Levine has the antidote. leer más…

The Turnover Dilemma: A Question to Keep Employees


Matthew Kelly

In this manifesto, Matthew Kelly warns of the high price of turnover. Sure, we all know that losing employees costs money, but lost opportunity is often an incalculable cost. leer más…

The Simplicity Cycle


Dan Ward

Most clichés find their origin in truth, and “less is more” is one that rings true whether we are discussing a new marketing piece swimming with text and graphics or an ice cream sundae… leer más…

Purpose: How to Define It and Make It Work for You and Your Company


Nikos Mourkogiannis

Just read the first page of this manifesto, and you’ll understand exactly what it is to have purpose. Read the subsequent pages and you’ll find just how to develop your own sense of purpose. leer más…

How Toyota Can Save Your Life…At the Hospital


Mark Graban

It’s well-known that the safety standards of Toyota vehicles are singularly high due to the company’s commitment to innovation and precision. But the Toyota philosophy can save your life. leer más…

Effective Product Managers Know Their Market


Steve Johnson and Barbara Nelson

Product managers need to intimately understand their markets in order to be effective. They must know the customer better than they know themselves. leer más…

The Hypomanic American


John D. Gartner

Are all American entrepreneurs hypomanic? John Gartner defines the hypomanic American and describes traits associated with hypomania. leer más…

Not a Dirty Word: Seven Steps to Creating an Accountability-Based Organization


Bob Prosen

Prosen argues that the best way to produce extraordinary results within your organization is to create an accountability-based culture focused on producing results, not activities. leer más…

Why Corporate “Goodness” is Not Enough: Rethinking Corporate Responsibility


Christine Arena

Arena argues that the widely-held notion that corporate responsibility is about “doing good” marginalizes an important part of doing business in the 21st century. Instead, it is about innovation. leer más…

Declaration of Independents: Fighting against the Colonization of Our Local Communities by Big-Box Retailers.


Stacy Mitchell

Wal-Mart. Home Depot. Walgreens. The proof of corporate retail expansion is evident at almost every freeway exit ramp. But at what cost? A blighted landscape. A lack of diversity. leer más…

Manifesto to Accelerate: 15 Truths


Dan Coughlin

Executive coach, Dan Coughlin, asserts that great businesses are defined by their ability to accelerate, which he defines as the ability to increase the rate of achieving desired outcomes. leer más…

The Greening of Business: Recent Trends and Remaining Hurdles


Andrew Winston

In late 2006, Andrew Winston co-authored Green to Gold, a book detailing what companies must do to ‘go green.’ Here, he writes an original reflection on the recent trends and remaining challenges. leer más…

Polkas, Pyrotechnics and Point D’s: Pieces and parts of Seth Godin’s new book, small is the new big


Seth Godin

Here’s just a taste of Seth Godin’s latest book, small is the new big, a plentiful well of inspiration for your business and you. leer más…

Change the Way You Change the World


Leslie Crutchfield and Heather Grant McLeod

Using Habitat for Humanity as a dynamic example, authors of Forces for Good, Crutchfield and Grant, present this manifesto on what high-impact nonprofits do to achieve wide-scale social change. leer más…

Financial Fitness for Entrepreneurs


Brad Feld

Thinking of starting a business? Already have one? Brad Feld, a well-respected venture capitalist and Managing Directory at Mobius Venture Capital lays out the fundamental financial tenets. leer más…

The Death of Environmentalism


Michael Shellenberger and Ted Nordhaus

The environmental movement’s foundational concepts, its method for framing legislative proposals, and its very institutions are exhausted. leer más…

Marketing to Women for the Common Man


Andrea Learned

“The non-planetary, bookshelf versions of ‘Venus’ and ‘Mars’ have conspired to make even the prospect of marketing to women a scary thing for a lot of men in business.” leer más…

Build Your Brand in Bits and Bytes: Building Your Personal Brand Online


William Arruda

Arruda and Dixson warn: you are being googled. Internet research is now a no-brainer in the hiring process, whether you are applying for a job or pitching your bid. So, how can you impress recruiters? leer más…

This is Radio Clash: A Manifesto for Creating a Meaningful Radio Experience


Fred Jacobs

Radio is under fire. Radio companies think it is about the technology. Fred Jacobs suggests they should start with the listeners. leer más…

The Working Mother’s Manifesto: This is How We Do It


Carol Evans

Carol Evans encourages working mothers (and fathers) to ask their organizations for what they need to attain a healthy balance between work and family. leer más…

Beyond Sustainability: Why an All-Consuming Campaign to Reduce Unsustainability Fails


John Ehrenfeld

John Ehrenfeld proposes a radically different conversation about sustainability, one that moves away from mere problem solving, demands a new definition and envisions infinite possibilities. leer más…

We Need a New Word for Brand


Michel Hogan

To unlock their brand’s true potential, today’s companies need to let go of slick superficiality and embrace authenticity! leer más…

The Power of the Marginal


Paul Graham

Paul Graham discusses how outsiders, free from convention and expectations, often generate the most revolutionary of ideas. Clever and entertaining, this manifesto will energize you. leer más…

The Creation of Conscious Culture through Educational Innovation


Michael Strong

Michael Strong has a vision of schools which will promote authentic learning for our youth. He has a vision of creating institutions that model positive behavior. leer más…

Bet This! A Gambler’s Guide to Leadership


Eileen Shapiro

Eileen Shapiro thinks that betting is a part of everyday life. Check out her four tests (and one proxy) for action-based leadership. leer más…

Vanished: Where has the Service Gone?


Michael Chaffin

Groceries ordered online and delivered to your home? Sure. Plan an entire trip to the other side of the world with just a few clicks of your mouse? Certainly. leer más…

The Gobbledygook Manifesto


David Meerman Scott

David M. Scott, the author of The New Rules of Marketing and PR, says it best in introducing his manifesto: “Oh jeez, not another flexible, scalable, groundbreaking, industry-standard, cutting-edge… leer más…

The “PSF” is Everything!


Tom Peters

This manifesto’s subtitle is: Making the Professional Service Firm a “Lovemark” in an Age of “Managed Asset Reflation”. leer más…

The ABCs of a Kaleidoscope Career


Lisa A. Mainiero and Sherry E. Sullivan

The twentieth-century linear career model, of rising to the top of a corporation and being a big, fat, ethically unscrupulous power-monger, is dead. leer más…

Beginner’s Guide to Business Blogging


Debbie Weil

The what, why, and how of business blogging, by business blog expert, Debbie Weil. Originally a limited release, this critical resource guide is available to you once again. leer más…

Changing the Rules: Lessons from a Starfish World


Ori Brafman and Rod Beckstrom

Such seemingly dissimilar groups as the Apache Indians, music swapping programs, Wikipedia, Alcoholics Anonymous and Al Queda have one thing in common: they are all starfish. leer más…

Slow Leadership: Creating Civilized Organizations


Adrian Savage

Adrian Savage proposes a return to civilization and humanity in organizations. Does this sound something like your day at the office? You are driving on a rain-soaked freeway. leer más…

What the Romans Didn’t Know: Overcoming Personal Constraints to Achieve Higher Performance and Fulfillment


Flip Flippen

Do you really think Tiger Woods logs practice hours just to maintain what comes easiest to him? Flip Flippen says forget about discovering your strengths, instead it’s your weaknesses hold you back. leer más…

Uncommon Sense: Going Beyond the Golden Rule (Sort of a True Story)


Andy Kanefield

Andy Kanefield is interested in changing how we view organizational behavior based on the principle of cognitive diversity. In other words, each of us is wired differently. leer más…

Drawings that Will Change Your Life


Ralph Perrine

Ralph Perrine believes drawing to be indispensable to good planning and good collaboration—the top two critical skills for success in life. leer más…

Two Tomatoes



Ever wonder if locally-grown produce is actually better? This one page chart will show you the difference. leer más…

Global guru: Shaking things up, making things happen.


Laurel Delaney

Find out why your small business needs to go global today, and how to do it. “This brave new global economy of ours offers unlimited opportunities for entrepreneurs and small businesses. leer más…

The Secrets of Market-Driven Leaders: A Pragmatic Approach


Craig Stull, Phil Myers, David Meerman Scott

Why does one product succeed while others crash? And why do the second and third products from a successful company almost always fail? The crew at Pragmatic Marketing determined that. leer más…

Killer Instinct


Joseph Finder

Best selling thriller novelist, Joseph Finder, introduces us to a dynamic (though fictional) sales expert, Jason Steadman, to illustrate key techniques for selling with killer instinct. leer más…

The ‘New Age’ of Leadership: The Power and Practices of Maturity


Harriet Rubin

What do Warren Buffett and Rupert Murdock have in common with Titian and Bach? Just as artistic skill is honed over years of hard work and many a masterpiece was created late in an artist’s life. leer más…

Calling All Designers: Learn to Write!


Derek Powazek

In this succinct and timely manifesto, Derek Powazek demands that web designers learn to write in order to optimize the user’s experience. leer más…

Women Bloggers: Changing Their Worlds, Changing the World


Elisa Camahort

Women are the power consumers and connectors of the Internet, and yet, their influence has mostly been invisible to the mainstream media and industry pundits. leer más…

Seduced By Success: How the Best Companies Survive the 9 Traps of Winning


Robert J. Herbold

Kodak and Sony reached the pinnacle of success within their markets, but were unable to react to changes within those markets. Herbold is a retired COO of Microsoft Corporation. leer más…

Is the Truth the Next Big Truth?


Simon King and Piers Fawkes

The authors of the tremendously popular trend-spotting blog PSFK write about the three most important truths about.. Truth! (And exactly why it means everything to your Brand.) leer más…

Bring Your Brand to Life: Harnessing the Power of Remarkable Corporate Video Stories


Thomas R. Clifford

Every company must tell their story. Thomas Clifford is a filmmaker, an expert on telling these stories through corporate videos. Say hello to emotionally engaging pieces of film. leer más…

Just 1%: The Power of Microtrends


Mark Penn and E. Kinney Zalesne

Just 1% of people can create a new market for business, spark a social movement, or effect a political change. leer más…

Work as Refuge: How to Add Meaning to Your Life at Work


Jonathon Flaum

The alarm goes off. You stretch, yawn, put your feet on the floor, one foot in front of the other, get started on another unfulfilling day at the office. But it doesn’t have to be that way. leer más…

Seven Moral Arguments for Free Trade


Daniel T. Griswold

Though it’s easy to make politically-charged claims for or against free trade, Griswold takes a different tact. He shows us, in seven clear points, why free trade is the right thing to do.

Forget Formulas: How Managers are Fooled in their Search for Success


Phil Rosenzweig

Phil Rosenzweig argues convincingly that managers should stop trying to find the formula for success, but should adopt a more realistic view, one based on probability and changeability. leer más…

The New Theory of Relativity: Relations ips = Productivity


Noah Blumenthal

Blumenthal believes there is simply no stronger motivation for good performance than strong relationships and hopes to revolutionize leadership with a deceptively simple equation: Relationships = Productivity. leer más…

Simplified Security: 25 Tips to Help Companies Implement Security


Ravi Char

This manifesto helps companies of all sizes understand and implement the necessary level of security. The 25 tips cover everything from physical security to SPAM. leer más…

Co-Creation Rules!


James Cherkoff and Johnnie Moore

Cherkoff and Moore present inspiring examples of open source marketing that prove engagement trumps control in maximizing customer experience and making meaning. leer más…

The Elongating Tail of Brand Communication


Mohammed Iqbal

With Chris Anderson’s “The Long Tail” as a jumping off point, Iqbal, a Senior Planning Director with Ogilivy & Mather Advertising, presents why the single-minded brand proposition is an anachronism. leer más…

The Capitalist Manifesto: Managing the Rise of Citizen Investors


Stephen Davis, Jon Lukomnik, David Pitt-Watson

The citizen investor is you. Me. Uncle Joe. With our investment comes the power to demand better of the corporations we invest in. This revolution in corporate ownership demands a revolution. leer más…

Against You: A Manifesto in Favor of Audience


Andrew Keen

If a tree falls in the forest, and there is no one there to hear it, does it make a sound? Andrew Keen asserts that the same riddle can be applied to Web 2.0. leer más…

Outsourcing Our Economy: The other shore of off-shoring


Zane Safrit

Who would think that eliminating high-paying jobs helps any economy, whether it’s local or regional or national? If it does, then why are so many economies desperately begging for them?

The Pro-Am Revolution



Rap infects all popular culture. The Jubilee campaign led to billions of dollars of developing world debt being written off. Linux is one of the biggest challengers to Microsoft. leer más…

Going for the Go Point


Michael Useem

The Go Point: the moment when a decision becomes action. With an easy writing style and on-the-ground stories, Michael Useem, Director of the Center for Leadership and Change at the Wharton School, explains. leer más…

The Seven Principles of Privacy: Protect Your Customers’ Privacy Ethically, Not Legally


David Holtzman

Technology is endangering our privacy. Every company that we do business with holds a representation of ourselves somewhere in their data stores. leer más…

With Books Falling From the Sky: A Discourse on Literacy


Roxanne Coady

49% percent of the adult population of the United States reads below a sixth-grade level and has difficulty navigating such common demands as reading job applications, ATM screens… leer más…

The Rise and Fall of the Hit



Chris Anderson

Chris Anderson, author of The Long Tail, chronicles the history of the blockbuster and explains why the traditional model of marketing and selling music no longer works. leer más…

Manifesto for Experimentation


Joseph Jaffe

Jaffe declares that marketing organizations need to foster and adopt an aggressive and intense culture of experimentation. But how to take the risk? He’ll present 10 critical components. leer más…

New Tactics, New Tools: Marketers Embrace the New Democracy of the Web


David Burn

Practical advise to brand managers and ad agency executives concerned with giving their customers a say. At the end of the day advertising is about selling. leer más…

The Eyeball Artisan


Chris Ballard

Sports Illustrated columnist Chris Ballard offers an inspiring story of an unusual man who loves an unusual job. This excerpt from Ballard’s book, The Butterfly Hunter, is certain to ignite you. leer más…

Work is Broken: Here’s How We Fix It


Marc Orchant

Meetings, presentations, and e-mail are a part of many people’s work day. Used effectively, each can help keep teams aligned, impart important information, and move projects forward. leer más…

Getting Out of Embed: The Role of Social Context in Decision Making


Michael Mauboussin

Decision making is an inherently social exercise. Here, Michael Mauboussin details three shocking psychological studies that reveal just how another’s action or opinion can profoundly change you. leer más…

Frontline Leadership: A Cycle of Engagement Manifesto


George Reavis

The contact point between your customers and your company is at the front door, at the front counter, on the frontline. And most of your frontline associates are very competent people. leer más…

The Eighth Self-Destructive Habit: When Companies Plateau Their People


Jagdish Sheth

In writing his book, Self-Destructive Habits of Good Companies…and How to Break Them, Sheth found seven reasons behind why successful companies have such a short life span. leer más…

Slow Innovation: A Savour-y Way to Success


Derek Cheshire

Using the Slow Food Movement as a metaphor, Derek Cheshire suggests a slow approach to innovation. There is immense pressure to innovate quickly or to rush to market. leer más…

Managers Ignite! Now is the Time to Take Back Your Company, Your Career, Your Life


Vince Thompson

Managers are under an extreme amount of stress and often their success is dependent upon the work of others. This pressure is driving managers to leave their jobs, or at least keep their options open. leer más…

A New Angle on Adding Value


Dominic Dodd and Ken Favaro

Most companies fail to add value to their business units. Typically, they end up choosing between improving performance vertically, by giving their business units greater autonomy. leer más…

No Need to Fear: How Global Outsourcing Equals Opportunity


Steve Hamm

Here, Steve Hamm asserts that outsourcing need not result in the vilification of foreign workers and the American companies who choose to find cost solutions overseas. leer más…

Keep It Real


Julien Smith

Julien Smith confronts companies and marketers with a deceptively simple question: Are You Keeping It Real? And if you don’t know what he means, you probably aren’t. leer más…

Turning the Generational Dial: A Plea to Boomers, Gen X and Gen Y


Carol Orsborn

Carol Orsborn argues that instead of participating in a complicated generational tug-of-war of who is more relevant, Gen X and Gen Y must learn from Boomers. leer más…

Ten Reasons Why Your Crisis Communications Plans are Outdated


Eric Dezenhall

The changing rules of media and wider public access to information make the kind of damage control done in the past ineffective. This manifesto by Eric Dezenhall will help you understand. leer más…

Let’s Rewrite the Constitution to Deal With Organizations


Art Kleiner

Art Kleiner suggest that organizations are where all of the power lies today and it is about time to recognize that and leverage groups to solving problems. Think open source for government. leer más…

Non-Geeks are Not Morons: The Change Function Model for Adopting Technology


Pip Coburn

Pip Coburn uses his Change Function model to contend that new technology should be inspired by the users’ practical needs, not only the technologists’ lofty vision. leer más…

Competing in a Flat World: The Perils and Promise of Global Supply Chains


Victor Fung, William Fung and Yorum (Jerry) Wind

The recent recall of Mattel toys made in China is proof that modern supply chains are complex and require more than mastering work flow and logistics. leer más…

Citizen Innovator


Eric Von Hippel

Who knows the most about a product? The creator or the user? Take, for example, surfboards. There is a whole population of surfers whose everyday focus is to maximize their experience. leer más…

The Six Core Values of Innovation


Jeff De Cagna

Innovation is the critical capability for all organizations trying to succeed in today’s marketplace. But the case for innovation cannot be made solely on the basis of the economic value it creates. leer más…

Dramatic Impact: The Effect of  “The Silent Revolution”


ChangeThis Readers

We asked you to submit brief manifestos of 250 words to describe the impact of “The Silent Revolution” as defined in Elizabeth Haas Edelsheim’s earlier manifesto. leer más…

The Hard Reality of Semiglobalization…And how to profit from it


Pankaj Ghemawat

Pankaj Ghemawat disagrees that the world is flat, instead asserts that “the complex world of semiglobalization offers a far richer palette of business opportunities than a simple “borderless” world. leer más…

Get Out of the Technology Hex


Sean Hull

Ever wonder what those folks in IT actually do everyday? Most likely, they are busy defending your company against invaders, inefficiency and wasted resources. How? leer más…

The State of Competitive Advantage


Mitchell Gooze

Looking forward, competitive advantage demands competent process management to navigate the tumultuous and frenetic environment that enterprises face. leer más…

Executive Hubris: How to Check Your Ego and Avoid Ruining Your Company and Your Career


Mathew Hayward

Hayward lays it out plainly: “If you are going to have a successful career and life, you are going to have to learn to check your ego.” leer más…

The Energy Crossroads: How Detroit and Washington Can Fuel the Future


Vijay Vaitheeswaran

Vaitheeswaran, author of Zoom: The Global Race to Fuel the Car of the Future, here asserts that within “the thorny geopolitical, environmental, and economic complications involved with cars and oil. leer más…

Innovation: More than a New Year’s Resolution


Nate Burgos

Disasters create change. They particularly defined 2005, from the Asian Tsunami to Hurricane Katrina, provoking a drive for innovation, whose essential value is betterment. leer más…


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